More home buyers are requesting a home inspection before purchasing a new or existing home. Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers.

Why do I need an inspection?

More home buyers are now requesting a home inspection before purchasing a new or existing home.  Buyers want to make sure the home does not have any hidden major defects that they may have missed during a typical showing.  Having a home inspection report helps potential buyers feel more confident about their purchase.  Not buying or selling a home?  Having a home inspection is still a great idea to give you peace of mind that your home and its components are in good working condition.

Could my home fail an inspection?
No.  There is no pass or fail of any home inspection.  Inspectors only give their recommendations of their findings during an inspection.  Only the person that request and pays for the inspection will have access to the report.  An inspection is not intended to increase or decrease the value of the home.
Should I be present during the entire inspection?
No.  We will ask to meet you either before or after the inspection, but you are not required to walk along with us during an inspection.  However, your are more then welcomed to join at any point if you prefer to do so.  Keep in mind the inspection will last at least 2-1/2 to 3 hours and we will provide a detailed report of all our findings with pictures.
Will you walk on my roof?
No. Some inspectors will walk on roofs, risking injury or damage to your roofing components.  HomeSpex will inspect your roof from the eaves, ground level, or using our telescopic camera.  If the roof is not accessible using these methods we will find the best way to inspect for you without risking damage.
What if I have high levels of Radon?

After the test, if your results of your radon level is over the EPA recommended 4 pCi/L we will recommend mitigation for your home by using a certified NRPP mitigation installer.  HomeSpex does not currently install, or work for any mitigation installers.

What if I have questions or concerns after inspection?
Once you become a customer of HomeSpex we hope to keep you one for life.  Call or email at anytime for any questions or concerns you have on your home and we will find an answer for you.  If for what ever reason something was missed with our inspection, we will come back to the home and inspect for you at no charge.  For all other visits back to the home you would be charged for the service requested.
When is payment due?
Payment is due before the completion of any home inspection or radon test. We accept major credit card, cash or checks. A report will not be given until payment is received.


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